2005  Bachelors of Arts in Art Education from Texas Women’s University, Denton, TX
2003  Associates of Arts from Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ
2005  Pullman High School secondary student teaching for Art.  Pullman, WA
2004  Endicott Elementary School elementary student teaching for Art.  Endicott, WA
  awards and achievements
2005  Chancellor Student Research Scholar Award for Art, TWU
2003-2005  President of the Art Teacher’s Network, TWU
2003-2005  Member of Delta Phi Delta Honor’s Art Club, TWU
  2012 Stephanie Ann: Birds and Cages, solo show Highland Park, TX
  2011 Mary Tomas Gallery: Birds of a Feather, Dallas, TX
  2010  Elk Creek Gallery: Poetry in Motion Exhibit, Owenton, KY
  2010  Horse Mania: Le Couer de Cheval, Lexington, KY
  2009-current  Hockensmith Fine Art Gallery, Georgetown, KY
  2009-2011  Christopher Michael Gallery. Horse paintings, Lexington, KY
  2009-2010  Studio 107: Elizabeth Dryden Fine Art, Solo Show, Salem, MA
   2009 Diana Levine Fine Art,  Boston, MA
   2009 Kentucky Derby: The Horse Collection, Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY
   2007  Bank Left Gallery: Elizabeth Dryden Paintings, Palouse, WA
   2006-2007 Washington State University: Memoirs of Mart Series, Pullman, WA
   2006-2007 Washington State University, Animals in Spaces, Pullman, WA
   2006 Café Zoe: Animal Collection I, Pullman, WA

2005 Café Moro: Body is as Body Does, Pullman, WA

2005 Texas Women’s University, Mock Monument, Denton, TX
2005 Texas Women’s University, Wide Awake, Denton, TX
2005 Texas Women’s University, Creative Arts and Research Symposium, Denton, TX
elizabeth dryden