My most recent body of work explores the American Southwest. Inspired by college years spent in Tucson, AZ and growing up in Texas, I have grown to appreciate the enduring beauty of these places despite the often harsh desert conditions. A common theme in many of these pieces are the flora and fauna that surround this region. Historically cacti are predominant in Native American and Texas cultures for showing strength, protection, endurance, and warmth. The series Hechizo Seco (exhibited at the Fort Worth Cultural Center), Dryspell (exhibited at Cinq Gallery and Texas Treasures Fine Art), and Vera Vita (exhibited at the 16th Annual Hill Country Invitational Show) explore the symbolism of the cactus and indigenous animals in various desert settings, showcasing their ability to endure any situation, while maintaining beauty and poise. Originals and prints available for purchase. Please enjoy! "Dancing Desert""Twilight Treasures""Cattle Call""Tres Amigos"